5 Columbus Home Remodeling Tips for Summer!


We all know how amazing Central Ohio’s summers can be, especially after a long winter. Summer is a cherished time so prepare your home for the upcoming summer with simple home remodeling tips and advice.

1. Consider remodeling or renovating your outdoor deck or patio

When you plan your home’s outdoor living space it’s important to keep in mind the layout you will need to accommodate both large and small gatherings. Making the necessary home improvements will take away the stress of hosting and will allow you to relax and enjoy the gorgeous Columbus, Ohio weather with your guests.



2. Avoid bathroom and kitchen disasters with a simple inspection

It’s always frustrating when kitchen appliances don’t perform with efficiency when you need them to, but during a party it can mean disaster. Tune up these sensitive areas with a home inspection by your local general contractor to ensure your high traffic areas run smoothly. Making home improvements to your kitchen and bathroom before you host will save you time and money.



3. Room additions to add value and comfort

When hosting summer parties it may be necessary to let friends and family stay overnight. Having kids or needing a home office can drastically reduce your home’s storage and sleeping space. Prepare for the needed space with a room addition remodeling so you can be ready for anything.



4. Increase home energy efficiency

With the longer and warmer summer days come the higher, unpredictable energy bills. Go green and take advantage of the Ohio’s winds with the latest in wind energy options. These types of upgrades can be subsidized in part by central Ohio’s energy providers to encourage more efficient homes.


5. Remodeling and renovation for a potential home sale

If you’ve been thinking about selling your central Ohio home, summer is a great time to do it and simple home, kitchen, or bathroom renovations can add significantly to the resale value of your home. Summer invites a rush of potential home-buyers who are looking for the best modern home designs. Give your home the updated feel and look that home-buyers are attracted to by improving your presentation for open-house season.

Get an early start on remodeling and renovating your Columbus, Ohio home for summer. With an award-winning home design and remodeling team from SemBro Designs, you too can add value to your home, decrease your energy bill, and party in comfort this summer season!

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