Before and After: 6 Bathrooms That Said Goodbye to the Tub

Sleek showers replaced tub-shower combos in these bathroom remodels. Could this be an option for you?

Bathtubs, while a common bathroom feature, don’t always get a lot of use. Fifty-six percent of respondents to a Houzz survey say they never use their tub for taking a bath. So it’s no surprise that some people are opting to take out the tub altogether when they remodel their bathroom.

Let’s take a look at six bathroom transformations that said goodbye to the tub. Maybe these scenarios will shower you with new ideas for your own bathroom.
Before Photo
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1. 1980s Style to Classic Charm

Bathroom at a Glance
Who lives here: A couple of empty nesters
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Size: About 50 square feet (4.6 square meters)

BEFORE: A renovation in the 1980s left this bathroom dark and cramped.
Victorian Bathroom by Christa Pirl Interiors
Christa Pirl Interiors
AFTER: A large glass shower greets the homeowners, who chose a plan that would age along with them. The designer, Christa Pirl of Christa Pirl Interiors, focused on adding a shower that allowed easy access should the couple have any mobility problems in the future, something their previous tub didn’t do.

Wall paint: Mt. Rainier Gray; wainscoting paint: Alabaster, both Benjamin Moore; toilet: Kohler; sink: Barclay; faucets: Pfister; mirrored medicine cabinet: custom; floor, subway and shower floor tile: Daltile

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Before Photo
A Stunningly Simple Master Bathroom Full of Storage and Function
2. Crumbling to Crisp

Bathroom at a Glance
Who uses it: A couple expecting their first child
Location: ​Philadelphia
Size: ​About 55 square feet (5 square meters)

BEFORE: This 1912 bathroom had patched tile, limited storage and flickering fluorescent lights.
Scandinavian Bathroom by Osborne Construction
Osborne Construction
AFTER: The couple gets a bright, warm bathroom, designed by Brian Osborne of Osborne Construction and Niko Dyshniku of Kole Made, complete with a large shower. (Note: A glass panel was added to create a side on the shower after this photo was taken.) The couple had fewer reservations about having only a shower in this space because the home has another bathroom with a tub.

Toilet: Adair, Kohler; paint: White Dove, Benjamin Moore; sink: Teorema; fixtures and knobs: Purist in brushed Moderne Gold, Kohler; cabinets: reclaimed sinker cypress, Kole Made

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Before Photo
ROTD Lee Kimball Charlestown Condo Bath
3. Floral Curtain to Elegant Glass

Bathroom at a Glance
Who lives here: A single professional woman who travels extensively for work
Location: Charlestown, Massachusetts
Size: 75 square feet (7 square meters)

BEFORE: The shower was tucked back into the corner of the space and was closed off from the rest of the room by a curtain.
Transitional Bathroom by Lee Kimball
Lee Kimball
AFTER: Meredith Tomlin-Hilliard and designers from Lee Kimball changed the space into a shower stall. It opened up the space, making the bathroom feel larger, lighter and more airy. The shower covers about the same footprint as the previous shower but gives the room a whole different look.

Tile: Tile Showcase; shower wall and door glass: Starphire glass

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Before Photo
Contemporary by Paul Kenning Stewart Design
Paul Kenning Stewart Design
4. Outdated to Efficient

Bathroom at a Glance
Who lives here: A family of three who regularly has guests
Location: Toronto
Size: 45 square feet (4.2 square meters)

BEFORE: When the owners purchased this condo, the bathroom had a mismatch of styles in the bathroom, as well as outdated electrical and ventilation.
Modern Bathroom by Paul Kenning Stewart Design
Paul Kenning Stewart Design
AFTER: The renovated bathroom by Projekt Home (Paul Kenning Stewart Design) created a bathroom that efficiently uses space and requires little maintenance. One maintenance saver was the fixed-glass shower door. It also lets in additional light, along with the new window, to make the space brighter.

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Before Photo
ROTD Bubble Tile by homeowner Jan Ferris
5. Unloved Pink to Cheerful Rainbow

Bathroom at a Glance
Who uses it: Artist and psychologist Jan Ferris and her standard poodle, King
Location: Los Angeles
Size: About 94 square feet (9 square meters)

BEFORE: Not only did the homeowner not love the color, but a recent leak that flooded her home had left black mold in the bathroom. The vanity also was jammed against the tub, making everything feel crowded.
Bathroom ROTD Bubble Tile by homeowner Jan Ferris
AFTER: A large, glass-walled shower fills a corner of this artist’s now very colorful bathroom. The removal of the tub gave the homeowner more room, and she wasn’t concerned about the resale value of not having a tub.

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