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For the best home on the block you don’t have to go far.  Make your home the best you know by personalizing it to fit your family, friends and lifestyle in the best possible way. SemBro Designs and Remodeling has been here for years, helping Columbus Ohio homeowners like you discover the vitality and beauty of their own homes.  Voted Best Local Construction Company, Best Contractor and Best Kitchen and Bath Remodeler with the Columbus Ohio Angie’s List for four straight years, SemBro Designs and Remodeling promote confidence in our neighbors and customers.

To have the best home on the block, a good rule-of-thumb is to make sure it is the best to you.  The ones spending the most amount of time in a home are those who should have the most influence over how it functions, appears, and entertains.  If the work you do on your home is purely for showing to people who only visit occasionally, it may not be a look that necessarily brings you comfort so choose your home remodeling changes wisely, knowing the many hours you will spend with them.  SemBro Designs and Remodeling is a pro at helping you envision how your changes will look and feel.  We use a digital imaging software that shows you a before and after view of your home and lets you make changes before your home remodel gets started.

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With all the home remodel options available for remodeling your home, kitchen and bath it can be hard to know where to start!  At SemBro Designs and Remodeling we make sure that you have the professional designer help to gauge what areas of your home need the most work and how to make it all come together into a style that feels perfect for you and your family.  A common complaint from Columbus homeowners is that the kitchen needs an update from an old-fashioned, constricting layout or cabinets that clutter the view.  They also hope to maximize the natural light their kitchen receives and to make socializing with guests while cooking much more comfortable.  Additional Columbus home remodels include room additions for new family members, growing home-businesses, and even outdoor living arrangements.  Whatever your family feels would make their home the best home on the block is important to us at SemBro Designs and Remodeling.

From kitchen upgrades to total home remodeling, SemBro Designs and Remodeling knows how to do it right and we love to build the confidence of every Columbus client, year after year.

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A Perfect Home Improvement

Home Improvement Experts Best Local Contractor Kitchen Bathroom Flooring in Columbus Ohio SemBro Designs

A More Perfect Home Improvement – No Matter What!

For the best your home has to offer, let Columbus Ohio’s Best Local Construction Company, Best Contractor and Best Kitchen and Bath Remodeler for the fifth straight year guide your family on the home improvement journey of their dreams.   Here are some ways that working with Columbus’s most talented home design crew – SemBro Designs and Remodeling – will ensure your home design is a success for countless years to come.

  1. SemBro Designs and Remodeling uses the most straight-forward processes to completely plan every step of your home remodel and help ensure that it will be exactly as you hoped and more.  With a digital rendering process, it is possible to view how the finished look in your home will be before the work crew gets started!  If you aren’t happy with the projected changes, let our talented and award-winning designers know your concerns and help you plan a remodel you are sure to love for years and years.
  2. In our SemBro Designs and Remodeling showroom, get ideas for inspiration in your home from viewing photos of other Columbus home remodels completed near you.  Check out what the neighborhood is doing to its homes to make your remodel as similar or unique as you are.  And with all of the samples for wood and stone right on sight to put together in countless combinations, you will see how it feels to become excited for the beautiful new home that will soon be under your hands and feet!
  3. SemBro Designs and Remodeling was voted Best Kitchen and Bath Remodeler with the Union Tribune for the past four years in a row.  That attests to our Columbus clients’ continued loyalty and support, and so does the fact that a high percentage of customers return for other parts of their home to be improved.  Whether you are looking to live more elegantly, get more function and durability for your kitchen or bath, or simply to increase your home’s value, you can’t go wrong with a stunning Columbus SemBro Designs remodel.
  4. Our SemBro Designs and Remodeling crew takes great pride in working for a company voted Best Local Construction Company and Best Contractor for the past four consecutive years.  And one of the reasons is because our crew members are so multi-talented.  We hire team members with a wide array of skill sets and experience to ensure that our clients know who is working on their home at all times, no matter what complexity the work entails.

Tell your friends bring them with you and let’s get this new kitchen project started today.

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A Home Remodel Makes Everything Better


A Home Remodel Makes Everything Better

For a home that sparkles with charm, invitation and elegance, there are some options available that many Columbus homeowners take advantage of every year.  When the home atmosphere begins to experience a slump and only a good makeover will bring it back to a well-serving and relaxing home, consider all of the good that a home remodel, kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel offers.  Listed below are a few of the ways that Columbus homeowners keep their homes a welcoming, sophisticated paradise for their families and friends.

  1. The home must be a place where each member has enough space for the habits and hobbies that make him or her special.  If a Columbus homeowner feels that their family dynamic suffers from a lack of space or functionality for any member of the home, there is a big chance that a home update like a room addition or the expansion of an existing room, would be very helpful.
  2. The common areas of the home must be conducive to peaceful and stress-free interaction, personal accomplishment and a unique sense of well-being.  If the common areas like family room and kitchen are often a source of stressful interactions or uncooperative encounters, consider how a home or kitchen remodel can help infuse a more soothing feel to these vital spots.  In a sleek, appropriately lighted and furnished room where everything needed is easily found, it is hard to remain in a bad mood and this boosts the cooperation and general happiness in a home.
  3. For a welcoming and well-maintained kitchen and bathrooms, Columbus homeowners know how easy it is to plan, execute and start enjoying upgraded rooms with the right Columbus design and remodeling team.  It is possible to plan and implement an amazing retreat within the walls of your own home and let your visitors and family enjoy feeling like they are on vacation, without ever leaving the comfort of home.
  4. Peace of mind also is important in the course of owning a home and it is too easy to feel like your home is falling behind in needed maintenance.  With a dependable Columbus design and remodeling company, it is easy to gain peace of mind and a healthier home.  Make sure that your appliances, plumbing, insulation and drainage are all working as they should with a checkup and advice from a trusted Columbus design and remodeling professional.

Homes of The Future – Today

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Homes of the Future, Today

Every day, incredible new homes are designed and built.  They astound with their new perspective on what makes a home efficient, classy, and strong.  There are so many innovative advances that offer the possibility of taking your home to a level you never imagined possible, with the help of your SemBro Design and Remodeling team.  They can get you from dream to reality in less time than it would have taken 20 years ago.  Read on for some of the ways that they can make it happen, and make you glad all-over-again that you live in and around Columbus Ohio.

With a growing public consciousness about the importance of preserving natural resources and minimizing damaging effects on our environment, there has come an increase in demands for alternative types of material used in every element of the home’s design.  There are so many new options available for increasing the beauty of an area with materials that benefit the earth and the economy.  For necessities such as counters, cabinets and floors, look into remodeling with some responsible, cause-worthy elements and increasing the general character of your home at the same time!

Creative homes popping up everywhere means that sometimes older homes are looked at as having less personality, charm or even warmth.  You can bring all of the inspiring features of very unique places into your home when you work with a Columbus designer who knows the potential each home has and all of the tricks and tools needed to accomplish greatness.  Every part of your home can be re-purposed or re-situated so that it makes the most of the great view, natural sunlight, or even the air currents in your area.  With a more efficient home comes a more pleasing effect on the eyes and not only you will fall in love with your updated home, but so will everyone who visits!

With technology catching up rapidly to our quick shifts in tastes, preferences and monetary restrictions, it is becoming easier to accomplish design or construction feats that seemed impossible decades ago.  Additionally, technology is helping homeowners make the best design choices for their homes with an assurance they never had before: digital imaging.  It allows you to see what your home remodel changes would look like in your home before the work gets started, so that you can be sure the change will fit your tastes, lifestyle, and your home right from the beginning.

Your Home is Your Castle by Design

Your Castle is your Confidence

With the homes of friends and family, it can be easy to see the many ways that their design is efficient or not for their lifestyle.  A fresh eye always adds new perspective on any matter, and a home where people live, work and play can be no different.  This year, make it your resolution to accept the input regarding your home from outsiders.  The number one best way to do this is to get the opinion of a professional such as SemBro Designs and Remodeling. Voted Columbus Best Local Construction Company, Best Kitchen and Bath Remodeler and Best Contractor with the Union Tribune for the fourth straight year, SemBro Designs has proven to be a leader in the home improvement sector of Columbus, Ohio area.

a well designed home improvement

With a second opinion on the structural efficiency, general layout and flow as well as the design impression that your home exudes, trust the professional knowledge of SemBro’s award-winning designer.  She has the capability to assess a home based on the myriad of other home designs she has planned and witnessed, and can offer much fresh insight into how new visitors feel about your home.  With the tools SemBro Designs and Remodeling has at their use, no project you can think of is too big or too small to affect an amazing transformation in your treasured home, and SemBro’s designer can get all the pieces into play perfectly.

When considering the efficiency and aesthetic appeal of your own home, kitchen, or bath design, consider some of the following essentials.  There must be appropriate lighting that is not too harsh and also is not too dull or warm that it makes one feel sleepy.  Also, a focal point in any room in question is a must so that the eye does not become overwhelmed with many competing points of interest in the same space.  The materials you employ in the service of your flooring, counters and cabinetry, all tell something about your personality, tastes, passions and goals so choose wisely!  And last but not least, your home design sends a big message to your friends and family about the attitude that is most prevalent in your home and life.  For the most peace-loving, relaxing and calming atmosphere, choose clean-cut lines, appropriate hues and add the personal touches that make the home all your own.

See how SemBro Designs and Remodeling can help transform your home into one you are confident in no matter who comes to call.