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Get Ready in Style!

The fundamental requirements for the comfort and function of any home are often overlooked when people plan their home design. There are some attributes in any homes’ design which are a good starting point to ensure that many of life’s best comforts are easily realized.  Don’t get tangled in the web of uncoordinated design and architectural faux pas by working with a trusted Columbus design and remodeling expert who knows the ins and outs of every design and construction issue in any home.  For a home that meets your unique requirements much better this holiday season, here are a few tips for working with a Columbus home design and remodeling contractor.

  1.  Bring inspiration into your design.  Often times, simply saying you want a space to be opened-up or a focal point to be established can leave you and the designer with completely different images in mind.  With some examples of other homes that you see in magazines or online that match the style, architectural structure or general feel of what you want to accomplish, both you and the designer will have some concrete ideas to go by.
  2. Be flexible.  Sometimes in a home, kitchen or bath remodel, a change that you hope for turns into something even better than you had anticipated.  With your design and remodeling team, you can be confident that any unforeseen circumstances such as underlying repair needs will be discussed with you right away, and that a plan will quickly be established to stay on track of the goals originally planned out for your remodel.
  3. Changing your mind often can mean perfecting your project down the line.  With today’s technological advances giving homeowners the chance to view their home remodel, kitchen remodel and bath remodeling changes before they are accomplished, it is possible to explore all the possibilities you have envisioned, and play around with different looks in the spaces you want to update.  If you change your mind a few times before the work is complete, seeing the final product in a digital image of your actual space is a very comforting feature and gives you the confidence every remodeling homeowner craves.
  4. Lastly, with the holidays quickly approaching, ask about the small tweaks that can play such a dramatic and transformative role in your get-togethers.  It could be as simple as swapping out a few lighting fixtures for a dazzling and eye-catching chandelier, updating the paint in some gathering areas with more festive hues, or rearranging some spots for the best traffic flow in your home.  With the right help on your side, anything is possible this holiday season!

8 Tips for Hiring a Contractor


Sometimes it makes sense to hire a professional contractor rather than take on a job yourself. But choosing the wrong contractor can lead to delays, subpar work, and even legal problems. This guide will help you choose a contractor and ensure a good working relationship.

A contractor could be in your home and around your family for days, weeks, or even months while changing the way your house looks and functions. So if you don’t like a contractor for any reason, don’t hire him or her, says Tony LaPelusa, past president of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI).
“The biggest thing is choosing the right contractor,” he explains. “If somebody says something that’s even an embellishment, it’s enough of a reason not to trust him and move on to the next contractor. You have to trust the contractor 100 percent, not 95 percent.”


1. Make Sure the Contractor is Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

Having a license and insurance demonstrates a contractor’s credibility and knowledge. The license shows that contractors have taken an exam and proved they know building codes and processes. A license minimizes the risk to homeowners of getting ripped off. To be sure, get the contractor’s license number or look up general contractors registration.
If a contractor doesn’t have insurance and a worker gets hurt on your project, you could be liable. The same goes with accidents that damage your next-door neighbor’s home. If you have scaffolding that fell and damaged the property next door, you want the contractor’s liability to cover the cost of that damage.

Get proof of insurance.

2. Pick a contractor who specializes in your project type

It’s important to research contractors to know if they have experience in a type of project. Today, so many projects are regulated and code-specific that you want someone who knows the details of what’s required.
The professionals often take classes and research the kinds of projects they undertake, so they’re experts in their fields. This enables them to address potential problems and perform the work correctly. A good Remodeler knows how to anticipate the nuances of the work.
If you’re asking several contractors for a bid, make sure each one is using the same set of plans and specifications, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) advises on its website:

“You can’t effectively compare estimates from contractors who plan to use different brands of building materials.”


3. Have a Detailed Contract in Place Before any Work Begins

The contract should cover costs, brands of items being installed, approximate start and finish dates, and the complete set of drawings being used with written specifications. There’s never too much detail in a contract. If a specific brand for a part hasn’t been agreed upon yet, the contract can include allowances instead, such as “up to $500 for a front door.”
A lot of homeowners talk to multiple contractors to get bids on the job, and then they can’t remember who told them what. The contract spells out everything. A contract is really an expectation setting, right down to what color the hinges are. It’s all about expectations. If we agree on everything upfront, then there are no surprises.

4. Find out Who’s Performing the Work

Will the person you’re hiring do the work himself, or will it be subcontracted to someone else? It’s nice to know who will be showing up on your doorstep, and large jobs like additions and major kitchen remodels often involve multiple subcontractors, such as electricians and plumbers. General contractors often subcontract specialty jobs, like roofing or vinyl siding, to other pros.
Having subcontractors is sometimes a good thing. They have a more thorough knowledge of their part of the job. It all goes back to hiring a contractor you can trust because he’s never going to put a bad subcontractor on your job.


5. Give the Contractor Guidelines for Working In or Around Your Home

If you don’t want the workers showing up before a certain time, staying past a certain hour, using your bathroom, or you need to have the project finished by a specific date, tell the contractor before you hire him. The contractor may not want or be able to accept the job based on your parameters.
The contractor has to know what your limits are and what your expectations are. If people don’t want you starting until 9:30 and want you out by 4, that project—instead of taking 30 days—might take 45. That means it might cost additional money.

6. Know Your Responsibilities

You may have to move everything out of a room so it can be painted or remove a fence so a concrete truck can be driven into your backyard.
SemBro Designs, for instance, doesn’t move items out of a room because they don’t want to be responsible for broken TVs or stereos. Because we recommend a furniture mover, we hold a pre-construction meeting with homeowners to discuss their roles. We set all of those expectations in writing. It may be that you need to take everything off those six walls and move the furniture out of the room.
The biggest fear, to be honest, could be losing someone’s dog or cat. It’s good to know upfront where you’re putting the cat or dog.


7. Look at Work Samples

This lets you see a contractor’s handiwork and may spark ideas for your project. Samples are more important than references. They allow you to see the quality of our work. You can see the designs we came up with and how creative we are.
Looking at a contractor’s past projects also lets you see the variety of work the company has performed, such as contemporary, Craftsman, or historic designs.

8. Think Local

Area contractors who have been in business for a long time are usually reliable and safe bets for projects. If they didn’t do good work in your community, they wouldn’t still be around. You should look for an established business location with a show room on site. You could check the Better Business Bureau for any unpleasant complaints, how long they have been accredited with the BBB and what rating they hold. Shopping locally is the best approach. The company is involved in the community, the workers are probably local, and if you have a problem later, a local contractor is going to be on top of it.

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How to Hire a Remodeling Contractor


Are you looking for Home Remodeling Contractors in Residential Construction? Your best bet is to narrow down to exactly what you are looking to remodel in your home. You should look specifically for Kitchen Remodeling Contractors or Bathroom Remodeling Contractors and not for just a handyman. Here are some tips when selecting an working with a qualified professional contractor.

Get Recommendations

Start with your friends and family and then check in with the National Association of the Remodeling Industry for a list of members in your area. You can also talk with a building inspector, who’ll know which contractors routinely meet code requirements, or pay a visit to your local lumberyard, which sees contractors regularly and knows which ones buy quality materials and pay their bills on time.

Do Phone Interviews

Once you’ve assembled a list, it is recommended that you make a quick call to each of your prospects and ask them the following questions:
• Do they take on projects of your size?
• Are they willing to provide financial references, from suppliers or banks?
• Can they give you a list of previous clients?
• How many other projects would they have going at the same time?
• How long have they worked with their subcontractors?
The answers to these questions will reveal the company’s availability, reliability, how much attention they’ll be able to give your project and how smoothly the work will go.


Meet Face to Face

Based on the phone interviews, pick three or four contractors to meet for estimates and further discussion. A contractor should be able to answer your questions satisfactorily and in a manner that puts you at ease. It’s crucial that you two communicate well because this person will be in your home for hours at a time. On the other hand, don’t let personality fool you. Check in with your state’s consumer protection agency and your local Better Business Bureau to make sure contractors don’t have a history of disputes with clients or subcontractors.

Investigate the Facts

Now that you’ve narrowed your list, put your research to use. Call up former clients to find how their project went and ask to see the finished product. But you shouldn’t rely on results alone. Even more important, visit a current job site and see for yourself how the contractor works. Is the job site neat and safe? Are workers courteous and careful with the homeowner’s property?


Don’t Let Price Be Your Guide

Throw out the lowball bid. This contractor is probably cutting corners or, worse, desperate for work—hardly an encouraging sign in a healthy economy. Beyond technical competence, comfort should play an equal or greater role in your decision. The single most important factor in choosing a contractor is how well you and he communicate. All things being equal, it’s better to spend more and get someone you’re comfortable with.

Put it in Writing

Draw up a contract that details every step of the project: payment schedule; proof of liability insurance and worker’s compensation payments; a start date and projected completion date; specific materials and products to be used; and a requirement that the contractor obtain lien releases (which protect you if he doesn’t pay his bills) from all subcontractors and suppliers. Insisting on a clear contract isn’t about mistrust, it’s about insuring a successful renovation.

Finally, remember that as soon as a change is made or a problem uncovered, the price just increased and the project just got longer. When this happens be sure to get an amendment to the contracted price and scope of work.


Tell us your stories and share any tips on choosing a Great Remodeling Contractor in the comments below.

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Remodeling Tips from your Local Designers

Remodeling Tips from your Local Designers with floating glass staircase open floor plan

Columbus Professional Designers Know the Way

Increase the peace and comfort that is felt in your home with your custom home, kitchen or bathroom remodel. With a better planned and designed home layout, home organization and storage systems, the normal pitfalls of any home can be greatly alleviated. If you have any concerns about how well your home lets you entertain, get ready for the day or to wind down afterwards, here are a few ways that we at SemBro Designs makes it better. Your home remodel can be a breeze with these remodeling tips.

  1. With designers who know the remodeling tips & tricks of the trade and have seen what works and what doesn’t, you can be sure that there are solutions out there for your specific home condition. Every home remodel or upgrade is unique to the family and is planned with much input and consideration for the family’s particular needs.
  2. every home remodel is unique welcome to our nest

  3. Entertaining can be stressful even when every part of your home is already perfect; focus on the more important things like great conversation and forging lifelong friendships when your home doesn’t cause you any worry. With a trusted and tried Columbus design and remodeling experts, you can be sure that the atmosphere exuded is exactly what is needed to be able to focus on the more important things in the lives of your friends and family.
  4. the importance of friends and family in the kitchen

  5. Hectic and stressed mornings when getting out of the door seems impossible can mean that there are obstacles in your overall home layout or the efficiency of some appliances. If there are constant distractions that slow down the whole family, if getting a decent breakfast on the table is a boring chore, and if no one can ever seem to find what they need, your local design and remodeling award-winning designer can help diagnose and cure the major culprits such as outdated, protruding cabinets, appliances or over-filled closets and inaccessible storage.
  6. Use your local interior design and remodeling expert

  7. After a long day spent being great at what you do, or simply getting by until evening, make your home a place where it is easy to unwind and recharge your batteries. If you have trouble fully relaxing in your home in the evenings it may have a lot to do with the atmosphere and interior design in your home. If you think of a relaxing spa experience for example, what do you notice about the lighting, the flooring, the walls and furniture? Are they glaring, drab and uncomfortable like a hospital room? An experienced designer can spot the source of trouble right away and get you on your way to having a home you can’t wait to get back to every day.
  8. elegant home living room remodeling tips with modern furniture

Get more remodeling tips by contacting us or your local designer.

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Columbus Home Remodeling and Design for a Custom Fit

Kitchen Remodel Deleware Pepper Shaker Kitchen Cabinets by Semro Designs

Home, Bathroom, and Kitchen Remodeling

Columbus Ohio home remodeling, bathroom renovations, and kitchen remodeling offers a world of opportunity for upgrading your home to the style and feel that you’ve always desired. Help your home grow with your family and life by making the changes that it needs most. In Columbus, design and remodeling professionals are ready to help bring a new lift to your treasured home that will not only last, but also thrill you for many years of enjoyment to come.

Home Remodeling to Update Your Home

Home remodeling is an often overlooked hidden gem of transforming houses into beautiful retreats. If your idea of updating home’s atmosphere has usually focused on changes like furniture and color only, you may be overlooking great potential in other areas of home improvement.

Floor-plan and Style Benefits of Remodeling

Often the floor plan or layout of a home does not suit its occupants as well as it could.  Your home remodel and design should create spaces that accommodate all of the life-cycle changes people experience. Since not all homes are built custom ordered, and since circumstances in life often warrant a change in a home’s floor plan, homeowners often turn to design and remodeling experts in Columbus to help them tailor-fit their home. In addition to the obvious help of a new home layout that works with your lifestyle best, you gain a glamorously crisp new look for your home!

Remodeling Options are Limitless

Kitchen remodeling and bathroom renovations are also great ways to make your home work better for your family. When you choose to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, your choices and options are almost limitless; expand, downsize, or reappoint portions of space for entirely new purposes!  Your home becomes your canvas and the capable, trained hands of your local Columbus design and remodeling team are the chisel and brush that help build a custom masterpiece.

Just share your most inspiring and seemingly impossible hopes for your kitchen or bathroom remodel, and your passionate design and remodeling team will find a creative way to make it work with your budget and schedule.  Since you get to see the projected look of the remodel from the beginning of the planning phase, you will be sure to love the results.

Choose the Best Columbus Remodeling and Design Company

Let your home become the best fit for you and your family with some help from your local Columbus design and remodeling company.  Learn how fun and simple it is to plan your home remodel with the help of highly experienced and qualified professionals ready to share with you their practiced skill and love of beautiful homes.