For the Sweetest Home

Starting out on your home ownership journey is an exciting and sometimes overwhelming experience.  If you have recently become a homeowner in Columbus Ohio and are feeling the worry and simultaneous elation that goes with it, you can find some excellent help for your concerns when you contact your local Columbus design and remodeling partner.  Here are some ways that the worries of first-time home ownership can be alleviated with an experienced and trustworthy home design and remodeling company.

  1. Moving into a home that you know you wish to renovate or update “someday” is easier when you can foresee how the remodeling changes you make in the future will impact your selection of furnishings and interior design.  Meeting with a professional designer ensures that all of the potential in your home is seen from the beginning and you know what possibilities await in your home down the road.
  2. If there will be a stretch of time in your new home when you are waiting before making any changes to the home’s original structure, it is the perfect time to observe, note and eventually plan any improvements.  With an award-winning designer there to help you make the absolute best out of your home, you can’t go wrong by visiting a Columbus design showroom for some unbelievable home improvement examples.
  3. For Columbus homeowners who are above-all cautious and want to be certain they will love the changes to their home, there is the benefit of a digital imaging process, which helps you see the exact way that all of your design changes will come together to create the perfect look and atmosphere in your home.
  4. When you are finally ready with all of your ideas gathered and are certain of what architectural alterations you wish to accomplish, call your local design and remodeling team to see how easy it is to get started!  Not only will you be taking the next great step forward in your home-ownership journey, you will also be giving a gift to your home that will keep it running smoothly for many years to come.  Get the basics such as plumbing and wiring taken care of, but also the aesthetics such as window updates, outdoor living additions or more space where you need it.  No matter how big or small your new-home concerns are, let a Columbus design and remodeling pro help make it your true home-sweet-home.

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A Perfect Home Improvement

Home Improvement Experts Best Local Contractor Kitchen Bathroom Flooring in Columbus Ohio SemBro Designs

A More Perfect Home Improvement – No Matter What!

For the best your home has to offer, let Columbus Ohio’s Best Local Construction Company, Best Contractor and Best Kitchen and Bath Remodeler for the fifth straight year guide your family on the home improvement journey of their dreams.   Here are some ways that working with Columbus’s most talented home design crew – SemBro Designs and Remodeling – will ensure your home design is a success for countless years to come.

  1. SemBro Designs and Remodeling uses the most straight-forward processes to completely plan every step of your home remodel and help ensure that it will be exactly as you hoped and more.  With a digital rendering process, it is possible to view how the finished look in your home will be before the work crew gets started!  If you aren’t happy with the projected changes, let our talented and award-winning designers know your concerns and help you plan a remodel you are sure to love for years and years.
  2. In our SemBro Designs and Remodeling showroom, get ideas for inspiration in your home from viewing photos of other Columbus home remodels completed near you.  Check out what the neighborhood is doing to its homes to make your remodel as similar or unique as you are.  And with all of the samples for wood and stone right on sight to put together in countless combinations, you will see how it feels to become excited for the beautiful new home that will soon be under your hands and feet!
  3. SemBro Designs and Remodeling was voted Best Kitchen and Bath Remodeler with the Union Tribune for the past four years in a row.  That attests to our Columbus clients’ continued loyalty and support, and so does the fact that a high percentage of customers return for other parts of their home to be improved.  Whether you are looking to live more elegantly, get more function and durability for your kitchen or bath, or simply to increase your home’s value, you can’t go wrong with a stunning Columbus SemBro Designs remodel.
  4. Our SemBro Designs and Remodeling crew takes great pride in working for a company voted Best Local Construction Company and Best Contractor for the past four consecutive years.  And one of the reasons is because our crew members are so multi-talented.  We hire team members with a wide array of skill sets and experience to ensure that our clients know who is working on their home at all times, no matter what complexity the work entails.

Tell your friends bring them with you and let’s get this new kitchen project started today.

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Healthy Home is where the Heart is

Healthy Home is where the Heart is!

Your healthy home is a great indicator of your health and happiness. Make sure that guests and family see the healthiest and happiest you when you meet with a SemBro Designs and Remodeling designer who can share with you the amazing ways that your home can be improved. SemBro Designs and Remodeling is the Columbus Ohio Angie’s List four-time winner of awards in the categories of Best Local Construction Company, Best Contractor, and Best Kitchen and Bath Remodeler. If we get stuck doing the same old things in our home that don’t seem to be working for us anymore, SemBro Designs and Remodeling can offer a new perspective and many fresh ideas for giving our home more of all the things we love.

For a home to look and function at its best for every occasion of life, whether for the parties, the new business ventures or the harder times in life, there are some key elements that play a big role. A few important essentials are the layout and lighting of the home. If there are obstacles to an easy flow in the home it will impede everything from easy clean-up to sincere communication and often it is an unknown culprit in the unhappiness of homeowners. With the lighting in a room, it is essential for the illumination to be sufficient, well-placed and easy on the eyes, as well as befitting the general style of the interior of the home. SemBro Designs and Remodeling has an eye for making every space as inviting, cozy and unique as you hope it to be.


The kitchen is another spot in the home where it is easy to become lost in the chaos, and with a reliable, experienced design and remodeler, you can get back to a gorgeous kitchen where you are able to grow best. SemBro Designs and Remodeling knows the transforming power that an updated kitchen has on the whole environment of a home. Whether you are having a picnic at the park on a beautiful Columbus day or grilling in the yard for friends and family, it is all accomplished so much easier in a kitchen that makes clean-up a breeze, features clean lines and drawers that work for you, not against. Discover the beauty of your kitchen with a SemBro Designs and Remodeling kitchen makeover!
Being happy with the home is often something homeowners think can’t be achieved, until they learn about all of the amazing options there are for improvement from Columbus Best Local Construction Company, SemBro Designs and Kitchen Remodeling.

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A Home Remodel Makes Everything Better


A Home Remodel Makes Everything Better

For a home that sparkles with charm, invitation and elegance, there are some options available that many Columbus homeowners take advantage of every year.  When the home atmosphere begins to experience a slump and only a good makeover will bring it back to a well-serving and relaxing home, consider all of the good that a home remodel, kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel offers.  Listed below are a few of the ways that Columbus homeowners keep their homes a welcoming, sophisticated paradise for their families and friends.

  1. The home must be a place where each member has enough space for the habits and hobbies that make him or her special.  If a Columbus homeowner feels that their family dynamic suffers from a lack of space or functionality for any member of the home, there is a big chance that a home update like a room addition or the expansion of an existing room, would be very helpful.
  2. The common areas of the home must be conducive to peaceful and stress-free interaction, personal accomplishment and a unique sense of well-being.  If the common areas like family room and kitchen are often a source of stressful interactions or uncooperative encounters, consider how a home or kitchen remodel can help infuse a more soothing feel to these vital spots.  In a sleek, appropriately lighted and furnished room where everything needed is easily found, it is hard to remain in a bad mood and this boosts the cooperation and general happiness in a home.
  3. For a welcoming and well-maintained kitchen and bathrooms, Columbus homeowners know how easy it is to plan, execute and start enjoying upgraded rooms with the right Columbus design and remodeling team.  It is possible to plan and implement an amazing retreat within the walls of your own home and let your visitors and family enjoy feeling like they are on vacation, without ever leaving the comfort of home.
  4. Peace of mind also is important in the course of owning a home and it is too easy to feel like your home is falling behind in needed maintenance.  With a dependable Columbus design and remodeling company, it is easy to gain peace of mind and a healthier home.  Make sure that your appliances, plumbing, insulation and drainage are all working as they should with a checkup and advice from a trusted Columbus design and remodeling professional.

Kitchen Desk Design With Style

Integrating a desk into your kitchen isn’t just about finding the space for it. It’s also about finding a way to make it look more stylish and interesting. Most of the kitchen desks I see are basically thrown together out of a file drawer, pencil drawer and other similar standard desk-height cabinets to achieve a 30-inch counter height, with a few wall cabinets slapped up on the wall above. Often they just look underdeveloped in comparison with the rest of the kitchen. But here are a few kitchen desks that stand out of the crowd — and how yours can, too:

1. Add a chalkboard backsplash. Do something different like a chalkboard or corkboard. It’s different looking and functional. I love that this desk also has open shelves above for visual interest. Not every inch can be all about function all of the time. That’s no fun!

2. Choose an accent cabinet color and accent tile. The rest of this white kitchen has classic white subway tile with charcoal grout. The kitchen needed some color and variation to break up the white, black and brown. The tiles here are reclaimed, and it’s often hard to find a place to use a few vintage tiles, but the small surface area behind a kitchen desk is a great option. Mix in a mismatched chair and cabinet hardware and you have something that works with the rest of the kitchen but doesn’t “match” it.

There’s no need for everyday needs to ruin the look; a wireless printer is set up remotely in an adjacent hutch cabinet to the left.

I’m not sure if this backsplash is tile or wallpaper, but it looks terrific. I love how it plays off the rug. A mismatched chair, open shelves for cookbooks and a ledge with baskets help make this kitchen desk look layered and interesting.

This client couldn’t decide between four favorite tile patterns, so we framed a board of each she can change out with the seasons. Decorative art tile can be expensive, so using a small amount in a desk area is a great way to get it somewhere without having to break the bank using it everywhere.

3. Integrate the desk in front of a window. Putting your kitchen desk in front of a wall of windows is a wonderful way to bring in natural light and also have that much-needed nerve center called a kitchen desk.

A kitchen desk in front of a window can be a light-filled spot to look up recipes, check email and do homework. If you can carve out enough storage elsewhere in the kitchen, resist the temptation to delete a window for a wall cabinet. I love the furniture details on the columns and cabinetry.

4. Flank the desk with open shelves or built-ins. Built-in shelves are a great way to softy transition a kitchen desk into the family room or sitting room.

5. Go for furniture details. Feet, legs, columns, or toekick valances are great ways to make your desk area stand out. I imagine this kitchen desk off a side entrance to the house: a perfect spot to drop the day’s bags, paperwork and groceries. There’s a spot for everything and it looks like organization heaven.

6. Have the desk moonlight as a baking center. If you don’t want to sacrifice a whole section of your kitchen for a desk that you might use a few times a week, let it do double-duty as a baking center, bar or serving station. All you have to do is drop the counter down 6″ from the standard counter height of 36″ to 30″ and voila, you have the perfect height for both baking and writing.

7. Carve out a niche for a message center. if you don’t have a lot of room for a large kitchen desk, opt for a smaller counter-height message center that allows you to perch or sit if you need to. A few open shelves and a spot to plug in phones, a laptop and a printer and you’ve got what you need.

8. Go wireless. If you don’t have room for a desk, let your island do double duty and carve out a drawer to stash that laptop when you don’t need it. With wireless printers and everything else these days, this is a great option.

9. Carve out a spot in the mudroom. If you’re lucky enough to have another spot in your home to house the desk, then go for it. Make that mudroom beautiful and more like a family studio: a place to wrap gifts, cut flowers from the garden, work on homework or check email — it can be a hub for all sorts of activity.