How to Make an Insurance Restoration Claim with Your Local Contractor

modern interior with stair under water flooded basement

Do you know how to file an Insurance Restoration Claim For Storm Damage, Structure Damage, or Fire and Water Damages. It’s always good to have the knowledge before you actually need to use it.

Have you seen that report on the news of about a car driving through the house, or the latest storm damage. Whether it was the thunderstorm that knocked down your neighbors tree onto your house, or the 100 year flood in your area that completely covered your basement. You should seek professional contractors advice along with your insurance agent. The agent is usually on the insurances side, where a Home Remodeling and Restoration Expert is on your side, so it is beneficial for you to use a Home Remodeler to help.

Minor damage can lead to big problems later on. Many insurance policies limit your time to file a claim, so don’t wait until you have water dripping through the ceiling, mold in the attic, or your roof caves in to call in an expert. Protect yourself by hiring a reputable contractor to represent your best interests. You have paid your homeowners insurance, so make sure you get the maximum value for your claim. SemBro Designs are experts in handling insurance restoration claims. Often times with little out of pocket expense.

Insurance Restoration Claim Tips

  • Don’t Delay! Most insurance policies limit your time to file a claim
  • You can’t be singled out for a rate increase due to storm damage
  • Insurance restoration contractors advocate for you
  • Always hire the best contractor, not the cheapest
  • Always do your homework and understand your rights

Insurance Restoration Claims Process

Filing a storm damage Insurance Restoration claim can be a frustrating and confusing process. You should remember that your insurance company is in business to make money and may try to deny your claim. So we’ve created a 7 Step Guide to make the claims process easy to understand.

Step 1: Assess the storm damage. Record the date of the storm, signs of damage you can see from the ground, and take pictures of any damage. Search online for news stories of the storm hitting your area, so you have proof if it is ever required.

Step 2: Make sure your contractor performs a full property inspection, including the roof, windows, siding, AC units, screens, concrete and all other exterior surfaces.

Step 3: Read your insurance policy carefully and contact the claims department of your insurance company directly. Be prepared to provide pictures and the estimate from the contractor you have chosen to work with.

Step 4: Insist your contractor is present during the adjuster inspection. Your contractor’s job is to make sure the adjuster plays fair, and provides you with a fair assessment. Remember, the insurance adjuster works for the insurance company and may have an incentive to deny your claim, if they think they can.

Step 5: If your claim is denied, don’t worry. You are entitled to meet with three insurance adjusters. Remember, even a small amount of damage should result in an approved claim. Any type of damage can devalue your home and damage should be fixed immediately before it leads to greater damage down the road.

Step 6: Once your claim is approved your insurance company will send you 2 separate payments. The first payment, or materials deposit, covers the cost of materials. Make sure your contractor orders materials in your name, and gives you a copy of the receipts for bought materials.

Step 7: After your materials are delivered, your contractor will get to work. Any changes to the written bid should be submitted in writing for your approval. No additional payment is due until all the repairs are complete. Once your project has passed a city inspection, you will have a chance to approve the job before making final payment. Make sure the job is done to your satisfaction and your contractor signs a lien waiver, before handing over the second payment.

When filing an Insurance Restoration claim, remember most state laws prohibit insurance companies from cancelling policies for filing claims in an Act of God storm damage situation. In most states insurance company cannot single you out for a rate increase. If the insurance company is going to raise rates, they have to raise everyone’s rates in your area. So, if you don’t file a claim, your personal rate increase will pay for everyone else’s claim except for yours.

Let the insurance restoration experts at SemBro Designs give you peace-of-mind when it comes to working through the process of filing insurance restoration claims, working with adjusters and restoring the damage.

Your Summer Home Preparation Checklist

Get ready for summer by freshening up your entertaining spaces and preparing for good times with others

With the start of summer (and the end of school) June is the perfect time to prep your house and yard for a season of relaxation and fun. And if you have fallen behind in your house chores, you can use this month to catch up. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Give your New Kitchen a summer refresh. Pull out the tools you use more in summer, (Blender, Ice cream maker, etc.) and put them in easier-to-reach places. Clear the counters to make room for fresh farm-stand produce, and de-clutter the cupboards and pantry. Get the BBQ grill ready for the summer, insuring everything is functioning and cleaned up for your cook out.

Catch up on home maintenance. No one is perfect! If you’ve fallen behind on some home maintenance tasks, use the longer days and pleasant weather to your advantage and tackle a few projects you might have missed (like cleaning out your garage). Scan past months’ to-do lists for ideas.

Use your shed for more than junk. Once your garage or garden shed is cleaned out, put it to work as a potting shed, an art studio or a workshop. It’s more likely to stay clutter free if you’re using the space.

Ready the guestroom. Expecting overnight guests this summer? Prepare before they arrive, and you can avoid last-minute stress. Check that you have fresh sheets and towels, a bedside lamp, extra pillows and blankets, and a place to set their luggage.

Clean out kids’ rooms and store memorabilia. Sort through kids’ art and school projects that come home at the end of the year and pick out a few special pieces to keep. Clean out bedrooms and playrooms, donating toys they have grown out of and putting summer favorites in an easy-to-grab spot.

Keep a handle on collections. Love hitting flea markets, yard sales and antiques fairs in summer? Whether you collect vintage kitchen tools or antique quilts, it is possible to have too much of a good thing. Keep your collection all in one place, and be mindful of what will fit in your home comfortably before adding more pieces. If you don’t really need more (but love the thrill of the hunt), consider selling a few of your least favorite pieces to make room for new acquisitions.

Assess games and gear. Pull out the lawn games, beach toys and board games so they’re ready for enjoying during summer downtime. But be sure to peek inside those boxes. If the Monopoly money has gone missing, or you’re short on chips in the poker set, replenish or replace them. And if you never use that croquet set, give it away or sell it at your next yard sale.

Have dinner outdoors. Longer light in the evenings and pleasant weather make for perfect conditions for dining alfresco. Even a simple weeknight dinner feels special when enjoyed outside! If you want to make your outdoor dining area feel extra special, string up cafe lights overhead and line the center of the table with candles.
Prep for summer fetes. Having some party staples (and ready-to-go gifts) on hand makes a month of graduations, celebrations and birthdays easier to handle. If you’re planning to host any parties this month, stock up on beverages, fuel for your grill and frozen party snacks now.

Please enjoy your summer responsibly.

Does Your Home Need a Makeover

Use the Pros for these No-Nos.

Do you need a home makeover? There are times in life when we just want a change in scenery more than anything. In Columbus Ohio there are award-winning designers who work very hard to learn and master the secrets that make a home remodel into the best retreat the homeowners have ever visited. Get your home boasting of tranquility and leisure again with a stunning Columbus home improvement, bathroom renovation or kitchen remodeling update that will take the breath away from all your visitors. Listed below are three top clues that your home needs a change for the better!
Woman Boring a Hole in a Wooden Board with a Drill
1. The mornings are chaotic and the evenings are unpleasant. Try to envision a place you have visited, or possibly lived, where it was easy to get ready for the day and not stressful to get out to your daily routine. Was it also nice to come home every evening and did you look forward to it? Imagine the layout, design and organization of those places that fit these criteria. Did they all share something in common? Bring some of those elements to your home with the professional guidance of experts who know and love their work.

2. Something always feels off. Years ago I realized that having a beautiful home doesn’t necessarily mean living on an enormous estate with maids to do all the work. I remembered the times I had traveled and stayed in hotels, and I realized that they all had something in common: they had only the things in the room that served a purpose, and things always went back to looking how they were meant to look. If your home lacks purpose in some rooms or things never find a place where they belong, an award-winning designer in Columbus Ohio can help make sense of everything and help you keep everything where it works best.

3. You are showing you home to prospective buyers who are never impressed. Today’s interior designers know the secrets of what lines, colors and combinations in your home send the best visual messages to buyers. They know what buyers can’t resist and what they could do without. They have been helping people stage homes for years and have developed a keen eye for what works well for most homes, and where they have to customize for each home individually. When selling your home is important, don’t let even one buyer slip by without seeing your home at its ultimate best. Contact a pro today for your personalized home makeover.

Every day is a chance to have a better day. Get started on improving your home while the day’s still young!


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Get Your Home in Shape for Summer

Get Your Home into Shape for Summer, Fast!

When the warm weather and summer break hit you this year, don’t be caught off guard with these tips on the best ways to prepare for outdoor fun and frolic.

  1. Plan out the best seating arrangements for large gatherings versus small ones.  This will let you be ready for having the space and seating necessary to accommodate your party with comfort, and for smaller get-togethers with more closeness.  An outdoor seating area is also a grand treat for everyone involved, and makes the homeowners that much prouder to host an evening in their home.
  2. 16879_memoirs_suite

  3. Get your bathrooms and kitchen into tip-top shape.  It is frustrating when appliances don’t perform with efficiency when you need them to, but during a party it can mean disaster.  Tune up these sensitive areas of your home with a handyman inspection that will ensure your home runs smoothly and your costs are low in case a repair is needed.  When the days arrive to host large crowds or boisterous friends, you will sit pretty knowing that the toilets and sinks are ready to withstand whatever ensues.
  4. Room-Addition-Residential-Construction-Remodel-Renovation-Case-During-Construction-Laying-Foundation-2

  5. Let them stay the night.  If your home barely accommodates your immediate family and even they keeps running out of space, get ready for possible over-night guests with a brand-new and stunning room addition.  For many families, a change in the number of occupants or a growing home-office has meant a great reduction in the available storage and sleeping space.  With a room addition or a home remodel that increases the size of existing rooms, you can be ready for anything when the time arrives.
  6. Room-Addition-Residential-Construction-Remodel-Renovation-Case-5

  7. Summer-time is also a great time to sell your home if you have been considering it.  Get ready for the rush of potential home-buyers who are looking for the newest and freshest.  Give your home the updated feel and look that homebuyers are attracted to and greatly improve your presentation for open-house season.  With an award-winning Columbus Ohio design and remodeling team you too can have the most popular home for sale and greatly add to the sale price of your home.
  8. Sold Home For Sale Sign in front of Beautiful New Home.

  9. With the longer, warmer days of summer come the higher, unpredictable energy bills.  Get your abode ready with energy-saving insulation updates and take advantage of those Columbus Ohio winds with the latest in wind turbine technology options. Your upgrades are also likely to be subsidized in part by local energy providers in order to encourage greener homes.
  10. wind-turbines-at-home1

This year, be the early-bird in getting a start on summer-proofing your home!