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For the best home on the block you don’t have to go far.  Make your home the best you know by personalizing it to fit your family, friends and lifestyle in the best possible way. SemBro Designs and Remodeling has been here for years, helping Columbus Ohio homeowners like you discover the vitality and beauty of their own homes.  Voted Best Local Construction Company, Best Contractor and Best Kitchen and Bath Remodeler with the Columbus Ohio Angie’s List for four straight years, SemBro Designs and Remodeling promote confidence in our neighbors and customers.

To have the best home on the block, a good rule-of-thumb is to make sure it is the best to you.  The ones spending the most amount of time in a home are those who should have the most influence over how it functions, appears, and entertains.  If the work you do on your home is purely for showing to people who only visit occasionally, it may not be a look that necessarily brings you comfort so choose your home remodeling changes wisely, knowing the many hours you will spend with them.  SemBro Designs and Remodeling is a pro at helping you envision how your changes will look and feel.  We use a digital imaging software that shows you a before and after view of your home and lets you make changes before your home remodel gets started.

Malcolm Seawell is cooking Quinoa vegetable salad with his sons Cole and Will, at their house in Cherry Hills Village, Colorado.

With all the home remodel options available for remodeling your home, kitchen and bath it can be hard to know where to start!  At SemBro Designs and Remodeling we make sure that you have the professional designer help to gauge what areas of your home need the most work and how to make it all come together into a style that feels perfect for you and your family.  A common complaint from Columbus homeowners is that the kitchen needs an update from an old-fashioned, constricting layout or cabinets that clutter the view.  They also hope to maximize the natural light their kitchen receives and to make socializing with guests while cooking much more comfortable.  Additional Columbus home remodels include room additions for new family members, growing home-businesses, and even outdoor living arrangements.  Whatever your family feels would make their home the best home on the block is important to us at SemBro Designs and Remodeling.

From kitchen upgrades to total home remodeling, SemBro Designs and Remodeling knows how to do it right and we love to build the confidence of every Columbus client, year after year.

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