Kitchen Design Ideas in 5 Shades of Green


Kitchen Design takes many factors in consideration, especially when Remodeling your home. One aspect of the design is the color you will use. We believe the use of the color green could be beneficial in your kitchen design and remodel. Here is why,

Human eyes are more sensitive to green color frequencies than any other. The color shows up in our world more often than any other color that is visible to the human eye. It is the color between blue and yellow, two of the more energetic colors, on the spectrum of visible light. Green is the color most commonly associated with nature, life, youth, spring, and hope. Green is also the traditional color of safety and permission; a green light means to go ahead. Green is also associated with balance, growth, restoration, clarity and positive nature. Green in Europe and the United States is sometimes associated with status and prosperity.

Here are some of our favorite Green Color Kitchen Designs.

Whichever reason stands out the most for you personally, choosing a green color would be beneficial for your Kitchen Design.



Emerald is a brilliant green, like that of the gemstone from which it takes its name.
Perhaps because of the rarity of the gemstone, emerald as a color name is often used to connote an exquisite or precious quality, as in Emerald Isle, a poetic name for Ireland made popular by the Irish writer William Drennan in his poem “When Erin First Rose.” Emerald can also refer to a size of type in printing and a small, bright green hummingbird.
Emerald would be best used in the back-splash or the counter-top in your new kitchen.



Jade is a shade of green, varying from bluish green to yellowish green that takes its name from the ornamental stone highly esteemed for carvings and jewelry.

Jade would go well whether you use it as the wall color or as the kitchen cabinets in your kitchen design.



Olive is an ocher green or dull yellow green, as of the unripe olive fruit. The word olive comes to us from the Greek elaia. Olive is often used to describe a Mediterranean complexion. Olive drab refers to a grayish green, and has been used to refer to uniforms of the U.S. Army. Olive has a shade of grey that goes very well with any mix of colors.

Hunter Green


Hunter green, sometimes called hunter’s green, is a dark green of yellowish cast. The name emerged in the late 1800s, when it was the favored color of dress among hunters.

Hunter green must now compete with a range of color and design options, such as olive drab and camouflage, for the favored position in the hunter’s wardrobe or a rustic kitchen.



The favorite this week would have to be the shamrock or lucky green. It is a popular color for many reasons.
The choice shade of green for St. Patrick’s Day, the color shamrock takes its name from the national emblem for Ireland. The word shamrock is from Irish word seamróg for “clover.”
This green color is vibrant and could go along with many different color choices in your new kitchen design.

What is your favorite green color that you would use? Comment below!

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