Re-Design for Peace of Mind


For your best home and life this summer season, get ready with a beautiful new makeover for your home, kitchen, office, or bath and surprise yourself with a better summer than you’ve had in ages! We know it’s hard doing what you do; tirelessly following the grind day in and day out, responsibly looking toward the future with high goals and plans.  Make a well-maintained, pleasurably inviting home a part of that future with a Columbus Ohio home, kitchen or bath remodel that will not let you down whether you choose to sell or to stay there forever.

If you love the summer months but could do without the hectic family visits and late-night craziness that sometimes accompanies great parties, learn about how a Columbus kitchen remodel, bath remodel or outdoor living area remodel can help ease every gathering into a pleasant time both at the beginning and end.  For the family member you just can’t get away from, design a layout for your gatherings that makes it easy for you to slip out of sight at a moment’s notice, letting other guests help with the burden.  If you feel like there aren’t enough thrilling activities for the more rowdy members of your gang of friends, add some cool features like a waterslide to your pool or a covered patio with billiards table.  Whatever you’re missing at your home’s get-togethers now is the time to get it covered with an awesome Columbus home or deck remodel.

When you just want to come home some days and forget about all the troubles of the day, don’t let unpredictable appliances or faulty floor boards trip you up; let a Columbus home and kitchen remodel streamline every little task you have to accomplish.  Because let’s face it: any kind of work – even making a sandwich – is better completed with the best tools of the trade.  And appliances that give up on you or storage that swallows all your needed implements doesn’t help accomplish much; it can even cause us to give up.  So save your sanity and peacefulness this summer with a fix for all your appliance concerns and with storage that makes everything you need accessible with a simple touch, turn or click.  And get back to enjoying your time off instead of secretly dreading it.

For the best summer that you can remember, make it the one you spend at home, with people who matter and things that work.  Don’t waste another season not taking complete pride in the home you live in; instead, re-design it to fit your style, tastes, passions and life. Come see our SemBro team of designers today to discuss your next project.

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