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A More Perfect Home Improvement – No Matter What!

For the best your home has to offer, let Columbus Ohio’s Best Local Construction Company, Best Contractor and Best Kitchen and Bath Remodeler for the fifth straight year guide your family on the home improvement journey of their dreams.   Here are some ways that working with Columbus’s most talented home design crew – SemBro Designs and Remodeling – will ensure your home design is a success for countless years to come.

  1. SemBro Designs and Remodeling uses the most straight-forward processes to completely plan every step of your home remodel and help ensure that it will be exactly as you hoped and more.  With a digital rendering process, it is possible to view how the finished look in your home will be before the work crew gets started!  If you aren’t happy with the projected changes, let our talented and award-winning designers know your concerns and help you plan a remodel you are sure to love for years and years.
  2. In our SemBro Designs and Remodeling showroom, get ideas for inspiration in your home from viewing photos of other Columbus home remodels completed near you.  Check out what the neighborhood is doing to its homes to make your remodel as similar or unique as you are.  And with all of the samples for wood and stone right on sight to put together in countless combinations, you will see how it feels to become excited for the beautiful new home that will soon be under your hands and feet!
  3. SemBro Designs and Remodeling was voted Best Kitchen and Bath Remodeler with the Union Tribune for the past four years in a row.  That attests to our Columbus clients’ continued loyalty and support, and so does the fact that a high percentage of customers return for other parts of their home to be improved.  Whether you are looking to live more elegantly, get more function and durability for your kitchen or bath, or simply to increase your home’s value, you can’t go wrong with a stunning Columbus SemBro Designs remodel.
  4. Our SemBro Designs and Remodeling crew takes great pride in working for a company voted Best Local Construction Company and Best Contractor for the past four consecutive years.  And one of the reasons is because our crew members are so multi-talented.  We hire team members with a wide array of skill sets and experience to ensure that our clients know who is working on their home at all times, no matter what complexity the work entails.

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Should You Save or Splurge When Selecting a Bathroom Remodeling Project?

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas Columbus Ohio

Bathroom Remodel, Mid-range

Average Cost: $16,724

Bathrooms are four of the five most expensive Cost vs. Value projects ranked by cost per square foot. Bathroom Remodeling and renovation doesn’t have to be costly, it is all up to you and how much comfort you need in your new bathroom. That said, fixture prices are reasonably consistent across manufacturers. Keep in mind that while high-end fixtures and fancy tile can bust the budget, it’s labor you will pay the most for in these small spaces.

Ceramic tile: For the shower surround, we found 4-inch square ceramic tile for as little as 8 cents each, but double that if you want something other than plain white, and continue up to $13 per square foot, including accent tile for $1 or more each. On the floor, 12-inch square ceramic tile ranges from less than $1 per square foot to more than $5 per square foot for slate-look or patterned tile. Clients who want glass, natural stone, metal, or specially formatted designs can easily top their tile allowances.

Bathtubs: This bathroom project calls for a 60-by-30-inch alcove tub, which we found for as little as $220 for acrylic or $550 for porcelain-on-steel. Both materials topped out at around $1,500, with no bells or whistles. Add jets or other therapies and $1,500 can become the starting price.

Toilets: A quick $100 will buy the specified “standard white toilet” for your bathroom, but what does “standard” mean? One piece or two? Gallons per flush? Some design flair? Generally, two-piece toilets cost less than one-piece units, though either can be had for less than $250. Higher-price units can run $650, though we found some ornate designs priced as high as $1,400.

Major Kitchen Remodel, Mid-range

Average cost: $56,768

The heart of the home is no place to skimp, but a major kitchen remodel doesn’t have to break the bank. High-ticket items, such as cabinetry and appliances, make up the largest chunk of the project cost but also allow for the most savings. Meanwhile, fixtures like sinks and faucets have smaller price tags but can quickly add up in cost. Here are some price ranges we found for the kitchen. Remember, lower-cost solutions, such as cabinet refacing and countertop resurfacing, broaden the price ranges even more. We do not recommend retouching for a few reasons that you can read about here.

Semi-custom cabinetry: $15,000 to $50,000 for 30 linear feet of cabinetry and a 3-by-5-foot island. Based on these numbers, outfitting the kitchen with top-of-the-line semi-custom cabinets costs almost as much as the entire national average project cost.

Appliances: Like kitchen cabinetry, this category can vary widely. Homeowners who want the basics can spend as little as $2,500, while high-end customers can spend six times that on the refrigerator alone.

Laminate countertops: Look for $20 per square foot for standard styles, to $40 per square foot for materials using the latest imaging technologies. Are you dead-set on granite? You will have to double that price range. Granite comes in many different styles, and depending on the region it comes from, the starting price ranges in the $40 per square foot and up from there. Quartz can look fabulous, but it’s price range starts at $69 per square foot.

Standard faucet: Pick up a no-frills chrome-finish faucet for as little as $50. But if your definition of “standard” includes a pull-out, pull-down, or side spray, prices quickly rise. Count on $150 to $550 for models with those features.

Deck Addition – Composite, Upscale

Average Cost: $36,385

With so many options on the market, composite decking may be among the more challenging product selections for homeowners to nail down, so to speak. Considered by some deck builders to be a step up from pressure-treated lumber for its durability and longevity, composite decking has been joined in recent years by all-plastic PVC decking and other selections that incorporate varying amounts of wood, plastic, and recycled content. Product composition plays into pricing, along with board dimensions, solid vs. hollow construction, capped vs. uncapped material, and capacity for hidden fasteners.

For this category, manufacturers asked us to remind users that pricing will vary by region and that labor will play heavily into the price of a decking project. Several companies also advised considering product life cycle and life span when choosing composite decking.

Composite decking: Keeping labor, originality, and life span in mind, we found composite decking prices ranging from $1.63 to about $4 per linear foot. PVC products cost slightly more at upward of $5 per linear foot for some brands.

Railing: To complement the composite deck, this project calls for composite railing, which we found for $10 to $70 per linear foot. Vinyl options cost from $8 to $25, and aluminum from $5 to $35. Stair sections may be priced differently, and premium balusters and glass panels can run up to $150 per linear foot.

Roofing Replacement, Mid-range

Average cost: $19,528

Asking for the price of asphalt shingles is like asking how much an airline ticket will cost. Pricing for commodity building materials such as shingles is heavily dependent on the cost of raw materials, and manufacturers regularly send “price increase alerts” to their distributors. In 2014, those price increases were around 5% to 9% for roofing materials.

That said, industry professionals note that downward price corrections do happen as the market demands. Additionally, contractors can often take advantage of bulk or package pricing options that reflect discounts off list prices, but may include labor costs—which can be hard to call out from the total. Take all those intricacies into account when considering the price for a 30-square roof. Pricing cited here reflects retail figures, which can vary significantly from distributor pricing.

Asphalt shingles: Three-tab shingles will be the most economical option at as low as $23 per bundle, but architectural shingles are a more popular choice and can run from $30 to $60 per bundle. With three to five bundles per square, the materials cost works out to $70 to $280 per square. Expect premiums on cool-roof products.

Felt underlayment: For $15 to $20 per roll retail, a roll of 15-pound felt covers about 4 squares, or half that with 30-pound felt. (Expect to spend $8 to $10 per square.) Synthetic underlayments cost about $14 to $25 per square, but their peel-and-stick properties may help reduce labor costs.

As you can see price varies deeply from the run down of the most used materials in various remodeling projects. We can determine from the price point of the bathroom materials what kind of comfort you are willing to live with. The logical conclusion on savings with your next remodeling project is the bathroom. Plus the renouncement value that you receive in return on your bathroom remodel is 90% to 95% of the value. You can always find other ways that you can save on Bathroom Remodeling. Feel free to leave your comments below and read our previous post about Bathroom Remodeling by clicking here.

Modern meets Contemporary Bathroom Design

Contemporary and Traditional Bath Tub

The Top Two Roll Top Baths for a Transitional Bathroom Design

Every well-designed bathroom has a centerpiece, a focus of appeal and attraction that draws the eye as soon as you enter the room. Usually this feature is the bath and, as it sets the tone for the overall style and atmosphere of the bathroom, you need to make your choice very carefully.

Essentially there are three approaches that can be taken when it comes to the overall design of a bathroom: traditional, contemporary and transitional. A thoroughly traditional approach will rely entirely on proven and trusted Victorian or Edwardian designs, whereas a contemporary bathroom design approach swaps these for clean lines, modern materials and innovations such as ‘waterfall’ style taps.

Transitional bathrooms borrow elements of both these styles to create a unique, quirky and fresh design. Leading bathroom experts SemBro Designs in Columbus Ohio look at the top two bath designs for this highly specific design style.

The Transitional Bathroom

Combining aspects of both old and new to come up with an eclectic and original approach that is unique, the transitional bathroom design allows for a strong traditional or modern centerpiece that compliments your bathroom’s design without having to follow the strictures of a formal theme. The wide range of style and expertise that SemBro Designs offer is perfect for mixing and matching your own take on the concept.

Here are two top bath options for creating the perfect transitional bathroom…

1. Top Contemporary Bath

Whether traditional or modern, most bathtubs have large curved forms. The Winifred Resin Roll Top Bath Tub is a modern, contemporary double ended roll top bath that simply oozes luxury and is perfect for anyone wishing to create a spa experience in their own home.

By being able to hold a relatively large capacity of water, this tub offers the potential for true relaxation from a long, deep soak. Built around extremely modern curved shapes and smooth finished edges, the Winifred Resin Tub can be perfectly matched with modern and traditional accessories so you can build your own unique design.

If you do choose modern designs, which offer practical solutions to space issues along with sleek design aesthetics, there are a number of ultra-modern ‘open’ tap designs to choose from. These give ‘waterfall’ effects when in use and are perfect for maintaining the spa vibe in your bathroom.

2. Top Traditional Bath

The idea of a transitional approach to bathroom design works both ways and the iconic Arabella Cast Iron Roll Top Double Slipper Bath Tub mixes modern appeal with tried and tested classic style for the perfect duo. This bath was featured on HGTV Bathroom Design Ideas.

By making a traditional roll top slipper bath the focal point of your bathroom; you can enjoy the ultimate in luxury bathing. A modern bathroom needs to fulfill its function in a straightforward way, but many people find that the older styles have an in-built sensuous appeal.

A totally contemporary bathroom design suite in a period home can seem quite harsh and out of place but by using a transitional approach you can have the best of both worlds.

Whether it is using chrome ball and claw or dragon feet to add finishing touches to your bath, or incorporating a modern basin in a slim line vanity unit, the choices you can make using the transitional idea are only limited by your own imagination when working with your local bathroom designer and remodeling contractor.

Choosing a Home, Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Company

Columbus Ohio Remodeling Contractor SemBro Designs Home Improvements

Is the design of your Columbus Ohio home becoming more worn out and unexciting with every passing year? Take it to a new level with a stunning Columbus home remodeling and bathroom renovation local contractor!

Choosing the Best Columbus Ohio Home Remodeler

Take the time to research which local design and remodeling company offers the skills, experience and integrity that you expect from a local contractor.

By examining their completed Columbus home Remodeling Projects and customer reviews, homeowners gain a sense of the trustworthiness and skill levels of their design and remodeling team.

Look for an Experienced Columbus Ohio Remodeling Company

Make sure the local Remodeling Contractor you select has completed many projects similar to the one you are considering. Researching the portfolios of Columbus Ohio’s design and remodeling professionals will put your mind at ease with your kitchen or bathroom remodel.

Main Considerations for Columbus Home Remodeling

When homeowners decide to proceed with home remodeling, they often want a layout change which involves the rearranging of existing walls and floor plans, enhanced visual appeal and style, and a focus on durable efficiency.

Research to Choose the Best Remodeling Company for Your Needs

To ensure that all of these expectations are met, it is essential to research your design and remodeling company in Columbus extensively. An exact and clear vision of what you want for your Home Design is not even necessary; by working with highly talented and award-winning designers you will be sure to achieve the perfect design for your life and personality.

A Good Design and Remodeling Company Will Provide Options

Your options should be presented in an easy-to-use showroom that allows you to mix and match samples with a designer.  Materials, fixtures and accents you will select with the designer to ensure that the final look is one that you personally planned.  The finished remodeled space will be presented for viewing on a digital image to show you the result and allow for changes before the work begins.

Columbus local Bathroom Remodeling to Update Your Home

Bathroom Remodeling is also a great way to bring character and elegance back to your home.  In and around Columbus, elegant bathrooms are a major part of the area’s beautiful homes.

Bring pride back to your home with a breathtaking new bathroom remodel that makes your home stand out.  Remodeling bathrooms also adds a burst of youth to a home by ensuring that important maintenance is performed during the update.  With a new home or bathroom remodel in Columbus Ohio you will not only have a gorgeous home to delight in, but also a well-maintained and practical home to enjoy.

Contemporary Modern Bathroom


Minimalist and clean-lined, contemporary Modern Bathrooms appeal to those who prefer living without clutter or visual clatter. Explore our gallery of bathroom pictures to learn how to put the principles of contemporary bathroom design into play for streamlined lavatories that reflect your individual style.


Modern bathroom design can work well in bathrooms ranging from tiny to titanic, but because of the relatively unadorned, seamless aspects of modern design, this style is particularly attractive for homeowners who wish to maximize a smaller bathroom space. One element of modern bathroom design that can be a great complement to a small space is a raised or pedestal sink, often in angular, rounded or gently curving stainless steel or porcelain. This efficient fixture choice can make a style statement while doing double-duty as a space saver, as it doesn’t require the sink to be set in a larger cabinet, allowing for an elegant and airy effect.

Build a contemporary bathroom design around understated earth tones or a monochromatic palette that you can energize with an interesting interplay of smooth, polished, rough, and woven surfaces; sculptural fittings; and mod motifs. Choose freestanding bathtubs with simple lines, or opt for a walk-in shower outfitted with seamless glass doors and gray tile walls. Consider adding a wall-mount angular sink or a contemporary bathroom vanity that appears to float a foot or two above the floor. See how different types of contemporary bathroom vanities and cabinets — equipped with slab doors treated with natural wood finishes, colorful stains, or lacquer veneers — contribute progressive profiles that turn a bathroom’s vanity wall into a focal point. Contemporary bathroom design also calls for style-apt illumination, so take note of the contemporary bathroom lighting fixtures, including statuesque chrome sconces, colorful glass pendants, recessed down lights, and hip track lights that underscore a bathroom’s up-to-the-minute leanings.

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