Kitchen Cabinet Installers and where to find them

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Looking for Kitchen Cabinet Installers in your area? It’s best to use the same company to measure, build and install your kitchen cabinetry.

The options are seemingly endless when you’re shopping for cabinetry for a kitchen or bathroom remodel. Manufacturers sell cabinets through a retail network including building supply stores, kitchen and bath retailers and home improvement centers, such as Lowes and Home Depot.

It’s advisable to enlist the same company to measure, design, purchase and install cabinetry, whether you buy through a big box store or a custom cabinet maker. “The most important thing is to allow the same person or company who designs the cabinets to also install them,” says Ohio-based builder Alex. “If you don’t and mistakes are made, installation costs quickly go way up. If you come across a cabinet maker who does not install, go with another company.”

“Measurements are so important. Just an inch is enough to throw off the fit,” says home improvement center specialist. “It’s important and convenient to let your retailer take the measurements, design the plan and handle the install. This ensures you won’t be responsible for any measurement or other oversights.”

Once ordered, the turnaround time for kitchen cabinetry can be anywhere from one day to several months. Semi-custom orders take around six weeks to arrive and stock cabinetry delivery time is minimal, often with same day delivery. Plan on eight weeks or more for custom cabinetry. After the shipment arrives, ensure cabinets match the bill of sale.

“Installation methods vary from installer to installer but walls should be straight and primed, floors flat and everything square,” Alex says. Cabinet doors and drawers should be removed before installation and appliances to be installed should be on-site, in case any adjustments are necessary.

Installing new Kitchen Cabinets

Replacing existing cabinets is a serious endeavor, and one that should be carried out by a professional or a seasoned do-it-yourselfer. Removing existing kitchen cabinets is at least a two-man job, as cabinets and countertops can be extremely heavy and bulky.

If you plan to reuse the cabinets or countertops in some fashion, it’s vital to take extra care so you don’t damage the materials upon removal. Also, in the case of a DIY project, take special care so you don’t damage any of the surroundings that are to be salvaged, such as flooring, trim and walls.

When purchasing new cabinets, decide if you have the skill level and desire to do the job yourself or to have the cabinets installed professionally. Consider the amount of time available to finish the project, as well as the cost.

The average installation cost ranges from $131 to $198 per cabinet. Depending on material, countertops can cost from $4 to $200 per square foot. Stone and laminate countertops are an affordable option, while stainless steel or copper countertops are used in more high-end kitchen remodels.

Putting a fresh face on your kitchen is one of the best home investments you can make, whether that’s a complete kitchen remodel or just cabinet refacing. However, you should limit any project cost to no more than 20 percent of your home’s value. Kitchen investments come with about an 85 percent return on investment.

From kitchen upgrades to total home remodeling, SemBro Designs and Remodeling knows how to do it right and we love to build the confidence of every Columbus client, year after year.

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Wood Kitchen Cabinets


Get the information you need on the different types of materials used in wood kitchen cabinet remodel.

When preparing to renovate a kitchen or install a new one, you’ll need to decide on your kitchen cabinet materials. You can choose from a wide range of materials, and wood kitchen cabinets are among the most popular.

The most common material used in kitchen cabinetry today is wood. Wood is a popular choice due to the numerous finishes available, allowing you to create a truly customized kitchen.

Once you have settled on wood kitchen cabinets, your next choice will be to determine the type of wood you use. Because wood is a natural product, it will vary in texture, color and grain. It may also change over time because of its exposure to sunlight.

Cherry is one of the most popular woods used in cabinets because of its medium reddish brown color and its uniform grain color. It also is more expensive than some other types of wood.

Maple is also a popular wood option. It is lighter than cherry but has a smoother texture and thus is an ideal wood for painted or stained finishes.

If you want a more prominent grain pattern in your kitchen cabinets, you might choose red oak. It has a lighter brown color and is rich in texture with a distinctive pattern of grain that many homeowners like.

If you are looking for a more affordable wood option, you may choose pine for your cabinets. Pine is a budget-friendly natural wood material. It provides a distinctively rustic look that is popular in a more traditional or country kitchen design. Pine is a softer wood, however, and may dent or scratch more easily than some other woods.

On the opposite end of the budget, mahogany is the wood that is known as the premier wood for fine cabinetry. It has a deep rich reddish-brown color and a characteristic swirling grain that produces an attractive design; it polishes to a high luster. Because this species of wood is becoming increasingly more rare and because it proves to be extremely durable, it is priced significantly higher than the more common woods such as pine and oak.

When you’ve determined the type of wood you prefer, you’ll have to decide whether you want stock or custom wood cabinets. Stock cabinets can be purchased fully pre-fabricated and are the least expensive option for purchasing wood kitchen cabinets. Custom cabinets are the most expensive option but give you the most creative freedom in your design. With custom cabinets you may even be able to choose more than one wood option, thus making your kitchen a true reflection of your unique taste and design aesthetic.

Other Kitchen Cabinet Materials
Kitchen Cabinet Material
Pine Kitchen Cabinets
Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets
Cherry Kitchen Cabinets
Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets
Oak Kitchen Cabinets
Recycled Kitchen Cabinets

From kitchen upgrades to total home remodeling, SemBro Designs and Remodeling knows how to do it right and we love to build the confidence of every Columbus client, year after year.

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Kitchen Cabinet Material

SemBro Kitchens

Explore These Beautiful Kitchen Cabinet Material Options for Ideas

When preparing to renovate an old kitchen or install a new one, one of your first jobs will be to decide on the kitchen cabinet material you’ll use.

There is a wide range of materials available for cabinetry ranging from budget-friendly to high-end. With a little bit of research, you’ll be able to make this important first decision and be on your way to a stylish and efficient cabinet design.

The most common material used for kitchen cabinets is wood. However, there are numerous types of woods used that will change the look and cost of your kitchen design. Common woods found in cabinetry are oak, cherry, maple, mahogany, birch and pine. Stylistically they vary in their color and their grain. Oak and maple tend to be lighter in color, while cherry and mahogany have a richer hue. In terms of cost, pine is the cheapest cabinet wood you can use while mahogany is one of the most expensive, with oak and maple falling in the mid-range in terms of price. Durability of the various types of wood is also important to consider. Pine’s budget pricing makes sense, as it scratches and dents easily. Oak and maple are very hardy, and mahogany ranks as the most durable among common cabinet woods.

Alternatives to wood kitchen cabinets include stainless steel, Thermofoil and laminate. Stainless steel is a durable and low-maintenance kitchen cabinet material. It can provide a more industrial, contemporary or modern feel to a kitchen, but the cost of stainless steel cabinets is significant. Thermofoil and laminate are more budget-friendly synthetic kitchen cabinet materials. They are surface finishes or veneers generally applied over a material such as particleboard. They mimic the look of wood but are non-natural materials that are more durable and are easier to clean than real wood.

Bamboo and lyptus are renewable resources that an environmentally conscious homeowner might choose to use in a kitchen remodel. These ecofriendly materials are extremely durable and can give a more modern feel to a kitchen. It should be noted, however, that they are costly materials to install.

Whether you are re-facing old kitchen cabinets or installing a complete new bank of cabinetry, the materials you use will go a long way to defining the design aesthetic of your kitchen, as well as the budget for your project.
Other Kitchen Cabinet Materials

Wood Kitchen Cabinets
Pine Kitchen Cabinets
Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets
Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets
Oak Kitchen Cabinets
Recycled Kitchen Cabinets

From kitchen upgrades to total home remodeling, SemBro Designs and Remodeling knows how to do it right and we love to build the confidence of every Columbus client, year after year.

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The Secret to Making your new Kitchen Remodel Look Amazing

Stylish Range Hood Orizzonte Design by Faber used in Modern Kitchen Remodel

If you are updating your kitchen cabinets or countertops, you are probably wondering whether you need a range hood in your new kitchen remodel.

For many years, Kitchen Ventilation was not used or even considered in a Kitchen Remodel.

Early on in Home Improvement we didn’t know if range hoods were needed or if they worked. In many cases, they only frustrated people with loud noises and ugly looks in the kitchen. This is definitely not true in many instances today. Millions of people have been relying on home builders and not professional designers to decide best what is best for them.

Today many range hoods are manufactured based on price points. Most are built overseas to save on manufacturing costs. It’s not a bad thing as we all like to save money and still have functionality in our kitchen space. But overseas usually means cheap and poor quality, as the manufacturers don’t want to build products they can’t sell potentially and the market, is flooded with too many choices.

Less quality and the sacrifice of reliability seems to be the trend, unless you’re willing to invest.

Range Hoods Can Make The Kitchen Look Amazing

Just Check out these recently finished Kitchen Remodeling Projects we have completed.

Believe it or not, the range hood is one of the most important appliances in your kitchen.

They are protecting you, your family, and your dinner guests from carbon monoxide, grease, dangerous fumes, bad odors, heat and much more. If you just looked at your kitchen and realized that you do not have a range hood, here are some reasons why you should go out and get one.

The most important job of the range hood is to filter out and remove hazardous air pollutants that come from cooking. Smoke, grease, and steam caused by cooking remain in the kitchen, coating the walls and being inhaled by the cook. The essential feature of the range hood, the blower (fan, motor), sucks up all those pollutants and carries them out of the house (ducted installation) or filters the air (ductless/recirculating installation).

There is a reason why most carbon monoxide detectors are put in or near the kitchen – household cooking and heating equipment and appliances are the main source of carbon monoxide poisoning. There is a reason for the old adage, “if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.” Cooking produces a lot of heat, as well as generating smoke and steam. Range hoods provide relief for the cook and protection to your new kitchen remodel by cooling off the area.

When shopping for range hoods you have many things you need to consider, and it’s not easy. Who knew you are required to meet building codes when installing a range hood? Most residential building codes do not require a range hood above a stove or cook top, but you’d be wise to ensure your locale is not the exception. Even if it’s not legally required, you should think long and hard before forgoing a hood altogether.

One company that has focused on value and quality and yes is manufactured mostly overseas is Zephyr. Zephyr range hoods are in a similar price range as many range hood brands such as Golden Vantage, Broan-Nutone and Best. Zephyr range hoods are built on the Italian line of design mostly, and yet they do have an extensive selection of styles to choose. Price also has been excellent for these models. If you like what you see, we recommend Zephyr hoods as one to check out. If budget is not a concern and you want a beautiful island hood that actually can be considered art, I would recommend the Zephyr Cheng Collections Trapeze Hood. Price range depends on size but expects to spend about four to six thousand for the piece of art.

We like to get our hoods at Z line Kitchens and Bath located in Columbus, Ohio.
These local guys are easy to work with, always willing to help and even have ways for you to order through their online store. You can check out the links below for the different styles of Range Hoods for your next Kitchen Remodel.

Under Cabinet Ventilation
Wall Mounted Range Hoods
Island Mounted Chimney Hood

Not all Range Hoods are created equally.

Range hoods are designed to collect airborne grease, moisture and cooking odors. Here’s a quick rundown of the kitchen ventilation systems you’ll want to consider.

Under Cabinet Ventilation System

The economical choice when it comes to vent hoods is a non-ducted under-cabinet hood. Starting as low as $50, these basic units recirculate the air back into the kitchen, trapping a portion of the grease and odors in replaceable filters. The performance of under-cabinet models is boosted significantly when ducted outdoors. It may duct directly out the back, may go up through the cabinet or, may go up a little and then out the back. You may lose some storage in the cabinet above the range because of this. Ducted models are priced higher and mainly due to counting the price of installation. For the basic under cabinet style hoods with low cfm try the famous Zephyr Breeze AK1100S this is a hood with 250cfm and halogen lights.

Wall Mounted Range Hood System

These mid-range vent hoods combine form and function in a moderately priced appliance. Unlike under-cabinet models, these units are installed against the wall of the kitchen. These may have a decorative chimney, or soffit, to line up with the top of your cabinets or to disappear into your ceiling. They are called “chimney-style” because their shape pyramidal base with a rising rectangular column resembles the shape of a home chimney.

Island Mounted Chimney Hood System

Also called “Ceiling-mounted Range Hoods,” these higher-end models are suspended from the ceiling over the kitchen’s cooking island or next to the wall over the range. Dramatic in scale and placement, these popular hoods come in sleek European glass styles, chunky pro-style stainless, and pretty much everything in between. You may choose to hang it higher to avoid blocking a view and, if so, it will need more coverage than it would in a wall mount situation. We recommend at least an additional 3″ all round, so a 30″ stove would require a 36″ hood. It will also need more CFM to compensate for the extra height and for breezes passing through your kitchen.

Downdraft Ventilation System

Downdraft systems typically are built-in as part of the range; they’re often located on the stove top near the burners. The other style of downdraft system is the pop-up type. This vent remains flush with the cooking surface until you need it; with the push of a button, the vent will rise 8 to 10 inches above the cooking surface. Done cooking? Push a button and it disappears again.

Both types of downdraft units use fans to pull air through a filter, into ductwork that runs beneath the floor or above the cabinets and – generally – outdoors. Their camouflage quality makes downdraft vents ideal for use in kitchen islands and peninsulas. The pop-up style downdraft ventilation system is more efficient than the flush mount type, but neither is as effective at removing cooking pollutants as updraft (range hood) ventilation systems.

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7 Innovative Ideas for Your Kitchen Storage

White Kitchen Storage Design Hanging Pot Rack Shelving

The kitchen is the hub of activity in your house. Even though it’s great to have a central gathering place and something in common that brings you and your family together every day (food), it can get chaotic pretty easily. Usually it’s not just home to pots, pans, appliances, and food, but also a catch-all for things like mail, keys, and purses–not to mention the infamous junk drawer. Even if you have spacious home with plenty of kitchen storage, keeping it organized is vital for everyone’s sanity. Here are a few tricks to keeping your kitchen neat and orderly no matter what the day brings.

Rolling cabinet trays and vertical drawers

Kitchen Storage Cabinet slide out trays vertical drawers
Ever just pile things on top of each other in the lower kitchen cabinets simply because you don’t feel like crouching down to put it in its proper place? Ever lose track a cleaning supply or a spice bottle because it was shoved behind 20 other items? One of the simplest kitchen hacks is installing rolling wooden or metal storage trays for your cabinets. Don’t forget about hanging racks on the insides of the doors that will allow extra storage space for smaller items. Vertical drawers are also a great solution because they allow you to save that precious horizontal space for bigger items.

Create this kind of storage space quickly and for less with the Slide Out Storage Tower. This three shelf storage shelf is perfect for storing dry goods, spices and more in the kitchen. The five inch wide shelf fits perfectly between stoves and countertops – or even slides into the pantry.

Hanging utensils

Kitchen Storage Hanging Utensils Rack above Island
In a small kitchen, the best thing you can do is take advantage of unused vertical space. While you could run out of counter space easily, you probably will not run out of wall space. Hang vintage-chic baskets to store things like spatulas, ladles, and whisks. Not only will this save you counter space, it will also save you time while you’re busy cooking dinner.

The Three Tier Seagrass basket is a great way to get this look. This sturdy basket lays flat against the wall and has a strong wooden handle to hang from. Each basket is large enough to accommodate large kitchen utensils, but is also perfect for storing napkins, take-out menus and more.

Coffee corner

Kitchen Coffee Station Cabinet Corner Wine Rack Space
If you’re a coffee fan, you probably have a whole section of counter or an entire cabinet dedicated to coffee paraphernalia. Keep everything organized by building a shelf or two for your most-used (or favorite, or most decorative) mugs and other supplies. Not only will this probably save you time and space, it will also make a decorative statement if you want it to be one.

Create more shelf space with the Sliding Cup Rack. Install it to the underside of a cabinet or shelf above your coffee maker to create a perfect java spot in the kitchen. This rack holds 10 mugs while keeping them accessible and on display.

Magnetic strips

Kitchen Storage Magnetic Knife Strips Wall Hanging Rack
Instead of having a clunky countertop knife holder, opt for magnetic strips on the wall. This can also help keep your kids safe from sharp knives and scissors–without the hassle of baby-proofing the drawers.

Available in 16.5 inch size, the Acacia Wood Magnetic Knife Wall Rack will help keep kitchen knives at your fingertips without compromising counter space. Perfect for smaller kitchens, this magnetic strip is made from long lasting acacia hardwood and is easy to clean. Knives stay accessible but out of the reach of children – and you have more counter space to get some creative cooking done.

Dividers for pans

Kitchen Cabinets Tray Dividers for Pan Storage
Pans are pretty easy to store without taking up too much space. But stacking them just makes it so hard to find the exact one you need when you need it. Save yourself the time and stop clanking around loud enough to wake the dead every time you want to make cookies by buying pan dividers. Don’t forget that cutting boards and cooling trays can easily slide in too.

The Wooden Tray Divider in Maple finish is the easy way to add dividers to existing cabinet space. This divider is constructed from strong maple wood and comes with included hardware to install in any cabinet. Use it to easily organize cutting boards, baking sheets, muffin tins and more.

Fold-down table for two

Kitchen Storage Fold-A-Way Dining Table
Even if you don’t have a breakfast nook, there’s still a solution for a quiet meal for two in the mornings. Fold-down tables can pull double duty by giving you a place to eat and also giving you more counter or work space when you require. And the best part is that it won’t take up a permanent spot in your kitchen.

The Fold-A-Way Kitchen Table is the perfect piece for a small kitchen – or small family. Designed to seat two, this table folds up to tuck away when not in use. This hardwood table can be used with both leafs up or just one if you need added prep space during a get together. Folded up and against the wall, this table takes up only about 10 inches.

Innovative shelving

Modern Kitchen Storage Unique Open Shelving
If you’re like us, you can’t escape the pretty pictures of kitchens with open shelving that pop up on your Pinterest page. The trendy look is serene, modern, and seems like a lovely way to display a matching dishware collection. Shelving is a great way to organize and show off your open concept kitchen. There are many different ways to design, install and use shelves. Cabinets offer fixed space, but open shelves may increase your storage options. If you’re craving a new look for your dated kitchen, shelves can be the perfect, economical solution.

Some homeowners opted for a steel pot rack, with hooks that hold a hanging shelf conveniently near the stove. There’s also a creative wine glass rack. Don’t be afraid to do whatever works best for you. There are no rules to follow for making your kitchen easier to navigate and organize. Do it according to your needs. Get help by contacting your local Professional Designer.