The New Kitchen is Here, the Future is Now in Columbus Ohio

New Kitchen Stovetop Facebook app touchscreen Whirlpool Bauknecht

Breaking News this just hit the market and we are offering it exclusively only at SemBro Designs, here in Columbus Ohio. Have you been looking for that new kitchen of your dreams, that new kitchen from the future. Well it’s here, we have it, your future is now. Come stop by to see your new kitchen. Watch these videos to find out more.

At IFA, Whirlpool showed off a new concept cooktop that combines a touchscreen with induction burners and a unique user interface. It might look futuristic, but it’s not that far off.
See, induction cooking uses magnets to heat up just the pans—not the burners beneath them. That means induction burners can theoretically be underneath nearly any surface, including a touchscreen.

How could you pass this once in a lifetime opportunity to have the latest new kitchen in your own home. This was showcased at this years National Kitchen and Bathroom Convention and the Homes of the Future show. We have partnered with GE and Bosch appliances to help you get your hands in your local community without spending that extra shipping expense. Come stop by our showroom and talk to one of our designers to see how they can help you out. Your New Kitchen awaits and it wont’ be here for long. Tell your friends bring them with you and let’s get this new kitchen project started today.

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